3 Benefits to Our Palm Beach Gardens Weight Loss Clinic
Nov 15, 2018

3 Benefits to Our Palm Beach Gardens Weight Loss Clinic

Our Local Weight Loss Clinic Offers Greater Personalization, Greater Direct Coaching, and a Greater Chance at Success Compared to National Chains

For nearly a decade, ThinWorks has been helping our friends and neighbors in the Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach, and Jupiter areas achieve their health and fitness goals by leveraging a holistic, 360-degree approach to weight loss.

We know there are a number of national chains available that you might be considering, so we thought we’d take a moment to explain the benefits of going local with our Palm Beach Gardens weight loss clinic.

3 Ways Our Palm Beach Gardens Clinic Surpasses National Weight Loss Programs

– Personalization

Forget about the cookie-cutter solutions offered by the national chains. At ThinWorks, we are firm believers that the most effective weight loss program involves personalized coaching and a regimen crafted with your specific weight loss goals in mind. Unlike the national programs, we recognize that you’re unique, and therefore we deliver a program that’s unique to you.

– A holistic approach

Most national chains offer what essentially amounts to little more than calorie counting. Let’s face it—you can install apps on your phone if that’s all you’re seeking to do.

But, calorie counting alone won’t deliver the results you seek. Our Palm Beach Gardens weight loss clinic uses a holistic approach that includes dietary guidance, a tailored exercise program, personal coaching to keep you on target and help you every step of the way, hormone balancing to optimize your system for losing weight then keeping it off, and more to provide everything necessary for reaching your weight loss goal.

– Medical supervision

At ThinWorks, every step of your weight loss journey is supervised by a physician to ensure that we start with the clearest possible overview of your body and health. We then ensure you’re consistently losing actual fat mass rather than water weight — which fluctuates constantly and is not a true reflection of weight loss — as the program progresses, and that your health is a top priority every step of the way. You can count on frequent face-time with your weight loss coach, which is something you simply don’t receive from national programs.

Visit Our Weight Loss Center in Palm Beach Gardens to Learn More

Ready to achieve a healthier, fitter you? For effective weight loss, stay local with the experts at ThinWorks. We offer the personalized, holistic, medically supervised solutions you need.

Contact our Palm Beach Gardens weight loss clinic online, or call ThinWorks at 561-235-0100 today.