By 2030, 43% of all Americans May be Obese!
Sep 1, 2012

By 2030, 43% of all Americans May be Obese!

A recent study projects that by 2030, 42% of all Americans will be obese. The study also forecasts that an increase of this nature will create $550 billion of obesity-related health care costs in 2030. Diet and Weight Loss Centersâ„¢ was founded to help people overcome their weight issues and live a happier, longer life. Our mission is to teach people life-long lessons and enable them to change the habits that are putting them at risk for Heart Disease, Type II Diabetes, Cancer, and many other often-fatal illnesses.

Starting a medical weight loss program shouldn’t be a difficult choice, but many people put it off until their problem has become dire. Don’t fall prey to your own self-sabotage. The time to get healthy is now! Most of our clients lose 15-20 pounds in their first month; our dedicated team of doctors and dietitians guides each person through their personalized program. If you are going to make changes to last a lifetime, you need a program that fits who you are, so it is our objective to ensure your goals are clearly outlined and met!

Feel free to send us an email through our blog if you have any program questions or call our center at: 561-235-0100 for more information.

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