Healthy Brunch Tips
Aug 12, 2015

Healthy Brunch Tips

Brunch is centered on a mid-morning gathering of food and friends’. The portions and drinks can typically get out of control if you don’t have a plan going into the meal. Considering brunch does not occur until at least 11 a.m., wake up with the intention of consuming a healthy breakfast. This helps you in two ways: you avoid going too long into the day with no nutrition, and avoid overindulging while at brunch.   In addition to breakfast, here are some healthy brunch tips:

Brunch Basic Tips

  • Avoid the carbohydrate-rich options, such as pancakes, French toast, bread and baked goods if you want to control your calorie intake. If you aren’t already satiated from breakfast, focus on ordering protein with a serving of vegetables.
  • Make your own omelet with fresh ingredients, such as spinach, onions, peppers, tomatoes and herbs. Omelets tend to be rather large, so eat half and save some for later. And leave the cheese off.
  • Scan the buffet for poached eggs, smoked salmon, turkey bacon, fresh fruit or avocado. The buffet can also offer up some healthy options with the ability to control your portions.
  • All you can drink option, whether it’s a mimosa, bloody Mary, or wine, is not a good idea if you are dieting. The calories alone can set you up for some weight gain. Stick to one drink or choose water or unsweetened iced tea.
  • Choose plain or Greek yogurt and add fresh fruit.
  • Avoid hash browns, home fries, French fries, Tater Tots and order a green salad or some fresh fruit instead.

The most important thing to remember when eating brunch is the calorie content. Eating breakfast when you wake will help to curb your appetite once you get to your late morning meal. Follow the tips above while at brunch and then focus on smaller meals the rest of the day, so you end up maintaining your weight, or even burning calories.