Eat Healthy on Vacation
Jun 2, 2015

Eat Healthy on Vacation

Let’s face it, we all have been in the position the days before our vacation to declare “I am going to have a good time and get back on track with my diet after the trip.” Let me ask you this: just because you go on vacation, why should you derail your healthy eating habits? Vacations are a time to unwind, get away, and celebrate, but you can enjoy your vacation without gaining weight. Stay on track while you’re away without feeling restrained. Check out these tips to eat healthy on vacation.

Research your Dining Options

Dining out at restaurants is a reality while on vacation. Go online and map out the dining options on every leg of your travel. You can even check out the menus to be sure everyone in the group will be happy. This will also give you the opportunity to pre-pack snacks to satiate you in between the larger meals. If you are staying in a hotel, request a mini fridge be placed in your room. You can even hit the store to stock up on healthy snacks and keep them in the fridge. And don’t forget to pick up a case of bottled water to keep in your room.

Avoid Fast Food

Whether you drive or fly to your destination, it’s hard to escape the presence of fast food restaurants. When you’re in a hurry or have limited options available for meals (as is common during road trips), resorting to a value meal is all too convenient. Plan ahead when you’re traveling. If driving across country, pack sandwiches and fruit in a cooler. If you’re flying, you can almost always find a kiosk or store selling fruit, yogurt and packaged salads. It all gets back to making smart choices on the ordinary meals so you can take more liberties with dinner or dessert.

Indulge…Just a Little 

If you know you are going to a restaurant that serves the best key lime pie, or top-shelf margarita, focus on balancing your meals prior to the dinner. Adequate protein, minimal carbs, and a good 8 glasses of water are key to obtaining proper nutrition and hydration, while leaving room for some dessert and cocktail calories. If you must, limit yourself to one cocktail, avoid the juices and syrups, choose soda water instead, or think about wine or light beer as options to keep calories in check.

Keep Moving

Helping you enjoy a vacation without gaining weight is not only achieved through diet. Even if you overindulge a little on your trip, exercising daily, or every other day for a solid 30-45 minutes goes a long way towards combating those extra calories. Check out your hotel’s gym, go for a bike ride, hiking, swimming, walk on the beach, snorkeling, or take a jog on a scenic path. Many of these options provide beautiful scenery and an opportunity to maintain your health.


Remember, a vacation can be fun while achieving a healthy balance. If you consume well-balanced meals the majority of the time, those indulgences won’t become the rule and ruin your diet. Think about slightly modifying your current regimen to have a satisfying vacation, but mostly stick to it so you don’t end up having vacation remorse when you come back home and step on the scale.