How to Start a Weight Loss Program
Jan 16, 2014

How to Start a Weight Loss Program

Have you recently gained weight? Extra pounds can creep on at any time. It’s particularly bad during the holiday season, because it’s so easy to put on weight with all of the decadent eating that happens during this time. Reality sets in when the New Year comes. We step on the scale and realize that something needs to be done…it’s time to lose weight.

However, deciding to lose weight isn’t enough. In order to succeed, you need to start a weight loss program and stick with it. The good news is that this is easier than it looks and as long as you stay focused and don’t give up, you’ll lose all the weight you need to.

Set Weight Loss Goals

How much weight do you want to lose? How long will you give yourself to lose it? This is the first step to losing weight. Decide how many pounds you want to lose, how you will lose it, and how long it will take. Post these goals where you can see them.

Simply Get Started

The easiest way to start a weight loss program is to get started and do something. Make your next meal a healthy one. Go for a walk. Do some pushups. Every little thing that you do will help you reach your goals. Make one small change right now towards your goals.

Burn More Calories Than You Consume

This is the golden rule of weight loss and one that will keep you focused. If you burn more calories than you take in, you will drop pounds. Popular diet books can help you decide which foods to eat and exercises to perform but the end result is always the same – dropped pounds if you stick to the plan.

Keep a Journal

One of the best weight loss tools you have at your disposal is to keep track of everything that you eat. In fact, simply holding yourself accountable by logging your food choices is enough to help you cut back on calories without actively thinking about it. If you knew you had to write it down, would you eat that second cookie? Chances are, you wouldn’t.

Make Small Changes

Another important thing to remember when starting a weight loss program is to avoid making too many chances at once because it can feel overwhelming. Make small changes and over time, you will realize that not only are you losing weight, but you are building healthy habits that will help you keep it off.

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