Why ThinWorks Weight Loss Clinic Uses Medically Supervised Programs
Feb 12, 2019

Why ThinWorks Weight Loss Clinic Uses Medically Supervised Programs

Our Weight Loss Clinic Leverages Physician Supervision to Ensure Health and Effectiveness

Finding an effective weight loss clinic is easier said than done. They all offer a range of services, but few seem to have any method of verifying results beyond having you step on a scale. Scales, however, can lie. Oftentimes the “results” you’re getting from a program are actually little more than a temporary reduction in water weight, and the weight is back in no time at all.

That’s part of why ThinWorks features physician supervision as a key aspect of our program. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of medically-supervised weight loss.

ThinWorks: A Medical Weight Loss Center that Delivers Results

There are a number of reasons ThinWorks provides physician-supervised programs to each of our clients.

First, we believe that it’s essential that you receive a full medical review as part of your consultation. That way we can ensure that you are healthy enough to begin your weight loss journey, and formulate an overview of your physical condition from the get-go so that we can accurately determine how you’re progressing as you move through the program and verify that your body is changing to align with your goals.

Then as the program progresses, our physician will check your body composition on a regular basis to verify that you’re actually losing fat and not just temporary water weight. We want you to enjoy results that last, and week by week our doctor will make sure that you’re on the right track.

Get Real Results Via Our Medical Weight Loss Center

At our medical weight loss center, we put your health and weight loss at the forefront of everything we do. Thanks to our physician-supervised programs, you can be sure that your efforts are safe, effective and utilize medical expertise to plan for long-term success.

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