Success Stories

Shirley was getting back into the dating scene and wanted to feel like her old self again. She felt that losing the extra weight would not only provide her a healthier lifestyle but also, I didn’t want to be a burden to my family when I got older.

She felt the weight loss program with ThinWorks was easy. I was able to meet with a coach weekly. They’d give me tips on how to eat healthier, make better choices in my food, and gave us the menus and the other resources.

Shirley is always on the go so she really liked the supplements, especially the protein bars and shakes. She says, It always made it easier just to grab the protein bar and get going. *

The weekly progress reports were Shirleys favorite part about the ThinWorks weight loss program. They helped her to see of the weight she was losing how much was fat.

At ThinWorks more of a lifestyle change than just a diet. Because with ThinWorks it has helped me make better choices in my food, I am more active, and more energetic and it’s a great way to keep going.

*The ThinWorks® weight loss program consists of weekly visits where individual results may vary from person to person. Rapid weight loss may not be appropriate for individuals with certain medical conditions.  Each person will be medically evaluated before beginning the weight loss program.  



Shirley lost 24 lbs*