Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving
Nov 22, 2017

Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for family, giving thanks and of course enjoying a wonderful meal.  While food often takes the center stage on this holiday it doesn’t mean you have to give up on staying healthy. Here are a few tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving without sacrificing any fun!

1.    Start the day with an activity

Participate in the local Turkey Trot or you can keep it simple and grab a relative you want to catch up with and take a stroll around the neighborhood. Another option is to get the entire family involved and have friendly touch football game.

2.    Don’t Skip Breakfast

Don’t try to “save your appetite” for dinner by skipping breakfast.  Get your metabolism going early by sticking with your normal breakfast routine. Fasting all day often leads to binging later.

3.    Hydrate

Drinking water is very important. Staying hydrated thought the day is beneficial because a lack of H2O can make you think you are hungry when you are really just dehydrated.

4.    Make Priorities

Do not fill up on foods that you can have all year,  save space for items that are only served on Thanksgiving. Before you filling your plate evaluate what is being served and save room for the things your really want.

5.    Use a smaller plate

If you are able take control of the plate you are served on and choose a smaller one. Research has shown that it can help you eat 22 percent fewer calories.

6.    Chew slowly

Dinner is not a race! It has been show that fast eaters consumed around three ounces of food per minute, while slower eaters only ate about two ounces. Chewing slowly could mean less calories consumed. So take the time to savor your food and enjoy the company that is around you.

7.    Be aware of liquid calories

Unfortunately the calories and carbs from alcohol are often overlooked and can really add up. Try and limit your alcohol consumption by only drinking with dinner, drinking while socializing can lead over consumption.

8.    Skip the seconds

It takes around 20 minutes to feel full so take a break before filling your plate again. Besides, save some food for leftovers—isn’t that the best part about Thanksgiving?

10.    Write it down

Don’t forget to track your food in a journal throughout the day so you know how much you are consuming. This will help keep you in control of what and how much you’re actually eating.