Top Summer Foods For Weight Loss
Jul 8, 2014

Top Summer Foods For Weight Loss

Summer is the ideal time to lose weight. Fresh produce abounds and the hot weather makes us all too willing to eat the lighter fare that nature has to offer us. Not only that, but some of these foods actually have the ability to help us lose weight. If you want to drop extra pounds, add these top summer foods for weight loss to your diet.


 Fresh berries such as blueberries can help prevent fat from getting stored in your cells. UCLA researchers discovered that it is the anthrocyanins present in the skins that are responsible for this. They’ve also discovered that cooking blueberries pretty much makes this compound ineffective. So, eat the blueberries raw for best results. You can put them in your cereal, enjoy a fruit salad, in smoothies or eat them by themselves.


Avocados are typically in season in the late summer, early fall except for Hass avocados which are in season all year. When you can get them in their perfectly ripe form, they make a great addition to salads, rice dishes, in smoothies and are even enjoyable by themselves as a snack. The healthy fats help increase your body’s fat burning efforts.

Green Beans

As the summer harvest is in full swing, fresh green beans are plentiful in farm stands and home gardens alike. They’re sweet and tender and are a bit of a delicacy when they’re so fresh. They can also help your body burn fat by keeping blood sugar steady. Blood sugar fluctuations can be a cause of weight gain. They work no matter if they are raw or cooked, so you can enjoy all your favorite green bean dishes.


Aside from being low in calories, cantaloupe can also help you keep your weight down. Lately, experts have been exploring the relationship between inflammation and weight gain. Well, cantaloupe contains enzymes that help control inflammation in the body which can, over time, keep the weight down.

The summer is an ideal time to lose weight. The hotter weather and delicious produce make it super easy to eat a calorie controlled diet. Not only that, but certain foods have the added benefit of containing ingredients that further boost fat burn.

Including cantaloupe, green beans, blueberries, and avocados in your diet, for example, can help keep the weight down. Try to purchase them from local farm stands. It’s an even bigger bonus if they’re organic.