Weight Loss Tips For Men
Jul 8, 2014

Weight Loss Tips For Men

Guys, need to lose a few extra pounds? Most of us understand the general idea behind what it takes to lose weight – when we burn more calories than we consume, the pounds tend to drop off. However, there is much more to it than that. Aside from the fact that what you eat and how you exercise matters, there are some specific weight loss tips for men that will also work.

The Best Weight Loss Habits for Men

As soon as you set a goal to lose weight, your next step is to do your best to eat healthy, consistent meals. Most people say that a healthy body is eighty per cent nutrition, ten per cent exercise, and ten per cent genetics. If you need help learning how to eat well, you might want to see a nutritionist. The next step is to get more active. Choose an activity you enjoy such as hiking, hitting the gym, swimming, etc. You may also find it motivating to team up with a personal trainer.

The Top Weight Loss Foods for Men 

There are some foods that help encourage weight loss more than others. It is a good idea to include these in your diet so that you can drop pounds even faster.

  • Lean protein - Protein helps build muscle and muscle helps increase fat burn. Make sure to consume adequate amounts to take advantage of this.
  • Dairy products - Not only do dairy products contain calcium, a mineral that can encourage fat loss, but the protein can help build muscle.
  • Fruits and vegetables - These are rich in nutrients, low in calories and fat, and help encourage overall health.
  • Healthy fats - These can also help you lose weight by consuming healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, and even flax seeds.

Specific Weight Loss Tips

Different decades require separate weight loss strategies. Here’s what to do no matter which age you are.

  • 20’s – Metabolism is naturally higher so take advantage by building even more muscle in the weight room. Eat a diet conducive to building muscle ad dropping pounds.
  • 30’s – Focus on overall health and fitness – cardiovascular training, weight lifting, and eating a healthy diet.
  • 40’s+ – Aside from doing cardio, lifting weights, and eating a healthy diet this is a great time to incorporate interval training. This is a good strategy into the 50’s as well.

Before staring a weight loss program, it is wise to consult with your doctor. Review with him your goals and what you plan to do to reach them. Remember that losing weight takes discipline but the process can be rewarding.