Yoga as an Effective Tool for Weight Loss
Aug 22, 2018

Yoga as an Effective Tool for Weight Loss

It is often debated whether yoga is an effective tool to lose weight. Many believe that it is not fast-paced enough to burn calories for true weight loss, but yoga demands a great deal of physical and mental strength, endurance, focus and flexibility making it an effective way to shed pounds.

To understand how yoga and weight loss go together it is best to understand that yoga is comprised of 3 layers: mind, body and soul.  Each affects the other layers and when one is unbalanced they all follow suit.


Yoga first transforms you from the inside out, as you practice more and more you start the process of ‘waking up’ and becoming aware.  You start to disconnect from your ego and dwell less on problems and unhealthy habits.  As your mind becomes more aware through yoga you stop living in your head and start taking pleasure in what feels good. You also start to become liberated from destructive habits. This leads to better decision-making such as healthier food choices and lifestyle changes.


Yoga offers countless numbers of poses and flows and sequences that deliver a variety of physical benefits. Additionally, they offer detoxification, which encourages purification of both the mind and body. This is directly tied to weight loss and helps the body rid itself of the junk that weighs you down. There are a variety of types of yoga that are all effective when it comes to burning calories, improving flexibility and muscle tone.


As your soul awakens through yoga practice you will begin to realize that life has a deeper meaning. This directly affects weight loss because it helps you want to eliminate unhealthy habits. You will notice detrimental behaviors such as eating until you are stuffed or drinking too much does not please the soul, so you will start to shy away from these behaviors and gravitate to things that make you feel good.

So, roll out your yoga mat, disconnect from your destructive inner voice, tune into your soul and start to see positive change in your health and body.