Meet Our 360-Degree Weight Loss Program
Nov 30, 2018

Meet Our 360-Degree Weight Loss Program

Our Palm Beach Gardens Weight Loss Clinic Offers a Holistic Solution for Burning Fat and Keeping it Off

If you’ve spent some time looking through various weight loss programs, you’ve probably noticed that they tend to have a rather narrow focus. Maybe they emphasize exercise but neglect diet. Or they take a deep look at nutrition, but you don’t receive any coaching to help stay on track. Or they offer plenty of motivation, but little to no practical guidance. You get the picture. Whatever the case, their solution seems limited.

At our Palm Beach Gardens weight loss clinic, we take a holistic approach to ensure that you enjoy results that are not only fast, but sustainable and enduring.

3 Key Aspects of Our Comprehensive Weight Loss Program

– Targeted fat burning

Our four-stage weight loss program is carefully planned and organized to deliver targeted, measurable results. It starts with a free, detailed body composition assessment and coaching session in order to provide you with an accurate view of your situation. From there we proceed by preparing your body for fat burning, losing the fat, hitting your target weight, then making a plan to maintain your target weight moving forward.

– Personal coaching

Your personal coach, as well as a physician, will be on-hand to help you every step of the way. From creating an effective diet and exercise regimen, to helping you find your motivation, to supporting you through the ups and downs, to making sure you’re in good health as the program moves forward, our expert coaches and physicians are here for one reason: to support you.

– Hormone balancing

An often-overlooked aspect of successful weight loss, our hormone balancing program is designed to help you address why you have trouble maintaining a healthy weight. It involves bringing your hormone system to a state of equilibrium so that your body is not only primed for losing weight, but keeping it off.

We achieve this by determining whether your body is producing the proper amounts of hormones like estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone, then replenishing them if necessary via methods that are safe and make use of bioidentical hormone derived from plants that your body will identify as its own. Results can include enhanced weight loss, stronger libido, and increased energy levels.

Learn More About Our Expert, Local Weight Loss Clinic

The above are just three of the most fundamental aspects of our weight loss programs. We fuse them with a personalized diet and fitness routine, medical supervision, and everything else necessary to provide a 360-degree solution to weight loss.

Contact us to learn more about how our expert team can help you achieve your goals, or visit us for a free coaching session today.

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