About Us

Obesity is now an epidemic in the United States, and as a result, overpriced gimmick diets are more prevalent than ever. Unfortunately, many people are being taken advantage of with these types of programs. This is why ThinWorks Weight Loss Centers has made it our mission:


Founded in 2011, ThinWorks Weight Loss Centers provides a unique approach to weight loss, personalized for each individual.

Your initial visit is approximately one hour and includes a body composition analysis, blood work, EKG, urinalysis, and a coaching session with a Weight Loss Coach.  The Physician will review your medical history, screening results, and body composition analysis to ensure you are otherwise healthy to begin a weight loss program.  Consider it the foundation on which the architecture of your new, healthier body will be built.

ThinWorks 4-stage weight loss program delivers a targeted approach to fat burning resulting in measurable progress. The Weight Loss Coach will keep you on the right track and support you each step of the way – we’re here through the ups and downs, encouraging you to achieve your target weight. Our program provides you with sample menus and detailed shopping lists enabling you to make healthy food choices while shopping at your local grocery store.

At ThinWorks Weight Loss Centers we strive to provide exceptional customer service ensuring that you will continue to return without being locked into a long term contract. We offer incentives to keep you motivated so you can lose weight and save money! At an affordable, pay as you go price, there’s no reason to struggle anymore!

At our centers, we’ve helped thousands of people just like you take control of the endless weight loss battle they’ve been fighting, but don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our success stories! Get started today and begin the most effective weight loss journey of your life!