Best Low Calorie Alcoholic Cocktails
Jul 29, 2015

Best Low Calorie Alcoholic Cocktails

Let’s face it, we are all aware of the many pitfalls of a diet regimen, birthday parties, cruises, and holidays, to name a few. But one that certainly makes the top 5 for many is happy hour. When you’re counting calories, the 2-for-1 options can quickly turn into a 1,000-calorie hour. Many bars and restaurants offer “healthy”, or “skinny” cocktails to cater to the dieter. Although these drinks may be healthier options, it does not mean you should consume more. Below are the best low calorie alcoholic cocktails that you can order to suit your diet.

“Diet” Cocktails

Mixed drinks can include many calories, which vary, depending on the amount and proof of the alcohol, mixers, and the size of the drink. Where you really get into trouble are the added syrups, sodas, juices, candied rims and muddled fruit.

Vodka with soda water has an average of 96 calories per 1.5 ounces, with soda water having no calories. Try ordering one of the infused vodkas on the rocks or with soda water as they are not sweetened but infused with flavors, from raspberry to cinnamon, without the additional calories.

Simply prepared margaritas call for tequila, lime juice, and a little agave syrup or Cointreau. Skip pre-made mixes and other added juices, instead, request fresh lime juice.

Cosmopolitans are under the 150-calorie range and are made from vodka, lime juice, and a splash of cranberry juice.

The classic mojito falls under 150 calories when made right. It does not involve excessive sugar or pre-made mixes but rather, contains rum, mint, soda water, lime, and just a touch of sugar.

Bourbon and gin generally range between 97 and 110 calories per 1.5 ounces. A Manhattan mixes bourbon and sweet vermouth with Angostura Bitters. The traditional gimlet recipe calls for gin and it is mixed with lime juice, served up in a martini glass. You won’t need many of these drinks, as they pack a punch, which saves you money and empty calories in the end.

If hard liquor is not your preference you could always reach for wine or light beer options. Calories tend to range from about 110 to 130 for a five-ounce glass of red or white wine. Miller Genuine Draft and Becks are among the lowest calorie beers at 64 calories per serving.


You can enjoy happy hour by planning in advance to limit your drinks, eat a balanced diet and hydrate before you go out. Happy hours are usually planned, so you can bring a light snack with you to fuel up with in preparation for the cocktail. Plus, eating something before will set you up for success in avoiding that carb craving that often accompanies a cocktail. Always be aware of your limits when you attend any happy hour or cocktail party. Don’t drink too much, and ask a designated driver to get you home if you find yourself too tipsy.