Testosterone Injections
Dec 18, 2015

Testosterone Injections

Providing Effective Results

In addition to pellets for testosterone therapy, men also have the option of intramuscular injections, which are administered in the lateral buttocks.

Although pellets are a convenient and long-term solution for the delivery of testosterone, some men prefer to come in for an injection, despite more frequent office visits. And while both forms of therapy will effectively bring testosterone levels up to the right therapeutic range, injections tend to produce a quicker and more noticeable increase in levels.

However, they don’t last as long and need to be repeated every two weeks. They produce a more noticeable increase in the original low T symptoms if 3 or 4 or more weeks have gone by since the last shot. Really though, neither method of administering testosterone is “better” than the other – it is merely a matter of preference.

Despite more frequent office visits, the appointments are very short and can be conveniently scheduled any time during our hours of operation. For more information, you can talk to one of our coaches to better understand the pros and cons of each and decide which option is best for you.