Get in the Best Shape of Your Life With Medically Optimized Weight Loss
Jan 2, 2013

Get in the Best Shape of Your Life With Medically Optimized Weight Loss

Welcome to 2013! So, you’ve made a pact with yourself to achieve your New Year’s resolution of losing those unwanted pounds once and for all. You’re not going to falter no matter what and are determined to reach the summit of your own personal health and physical appearance. You begin searching online for weight loss programs and diet plans and become overwhelmed with the current choices available.

During your weight loss program exploration, you discover very costly options and more affordable choices, but where do you start? And how do you find a program that will actually work and provide real results? You need a solution that provides value for your investment and will not put you in a cycle where you gain back all of the weight you just lost in a couple of months.

What You Need for a Weight Loss Program to Work Effectively
The board certified doctors at Diet & Weight Loss CentersTM have combined years of cutting-edge research with clinical knowledge to develop a revolutionary medically optimized weight loss program. The team began with the premise that in order to successfully lose weight and keep the weight off, people need to clearly define their daily habits, food choices, and emotional eating patterns. Next, they need to learn about healthy weight loss, nutrition, and fitness through a 100% customizable program that offers ongoing, one-on-one support. Today, the Diet & Weight Loss CentersTM program produces long-lasting weight loss results for thousands of people; it also gives them resources and information they can use for the rest of their lives.

Realize Your 2013 Resolution with Medically Optimized Weight Loss!
If you are truly looking to make big changes and lose weight this year, please don’t fall for programs that only provide pre-packaged meals, weight loss shakes, and diet pills and then send you on your way. These are merely quick fixes and rarely produce positive results that last more than a few months.

For example, the doctors at Diet & Weight Loss CentersTM will ask about your medical history, current medications, treatments, and any ongoing chronic issues during your initial visits. Also, prior to the creation of your personalized program, your blood pressure, metabolic rate, and body fat percentages are all assessed. This careful methodology ensures that you are properly supported throughout your weight loss journey.

What results can you expect to see this year on a Diet & Weight Loss CentersTM program? Most clients at Diet & Weight Loss CentersTM lose 7-10lbs after one week, and up to 25lbs or more after one month. After that, you can expect to lose between 10-15lbs per month. The amount of weight lost will certainly vary, but you can expect noticeable results in a fairly short amount of time if you follow the program correctly.

The Diet & Weight Loss CentersTM program requires weekly appointments for all of their clients. By doing so, your nutritional intake, medical progress, activity level, and behavioral changes can be closely assessed. This requires a commitment from you, but the Center works with many people who have busy schedules and we understand that time is precious. The Center prides itself in providing the utmost in professionalism and the highest level of customer service; you will be able to stay active and will never have long wait times at the Center.

Lastly, we offer natural and FDA-approved diet supplements, meal plans and grocery shopping lists and tips, nutritional and supplement guidelines, fitness plans and much more!

Mention our blog when you sign up for a Diet & Weight Loss CentersTM program before the end of January and receive 20% off of your initial visit!! If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, please call 561-235-0100.

Happy New Year! Let Diet & Weight Loss CentersTM help you make 2013 the leanest, healthiest year of your life!