Warm Weather Fitness Activities in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Apr 26, 2013

Warm Weather Fitness Activities in  Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Do you live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida or are planning your visit? If so, you may already know that it is a beautiful place with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Now that the weather is getting warmer, it makes these pursuits more enjoyable than ever.

Beautiful weather inspires action. Why visit a gym to toil away on the pieces of equipment when you can do something fun and get vital physical exercise? Plus, when a physical activity is enjoyable it is a lot easier to stick with it.

So, what kind of activities can you do here? Things like kayaking, roller blading, swimming, walking, hiking, bike riding, running, volleyball, touch football, paddle boarding, golf, tennis, etc are a big part of the culture here.

The only thing left to do is figure out which ones you enjoy the most so you can find a place to pursue it. Here are some ideas for places you can visit that will help you enjoy the outdoors in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

The Parks and Recreation Department, for example, has plenty of resources and opportunities that give children and adults alike plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sunshine and beauty of the place while living an active lifestyle.

City Park
5110 117th Terrace North

This park has a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities including a playground, basketball courts, handball courts, tennis courts, and a nature trail. Also visit the Tennis Center across the street for tennis lessons or to join a tennis league or tournament.

Athletic Programs
4404 Burns Road, Palm Beach Gardens FL, 33410

The city of Palm Beach Gardens has various recreational and sports opportunities that adults and children can sign up for. Contact them for more information on various leagues available for sports such as softball, baseball, and basketball.

Palm Beach Gardens Golf Course
11401 Northlake Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens FL 33412
561-626-PUTT (7888)

If golf is your sport, this is the place to be! You can reserve tee time, become a member, and take lessons. Visit the website for more information about events.

Aquatic Complex
4404 Burns Road, PBG 33410

This is the number one place to go in Palm Beach Gardens for recreational activities that involve swimming. Take lessons. Splash around in the water. Swim laps. Lay out by the pool. It is a well-maintained and high quality swimming facility that has something for everyone.

As you can see, Palm Beach Gardens, FL is the ideal destination for outdoor activities!

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