Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until the New Year to Start Losing Weight
Sep 20, 2016

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until the New Year to Start Losing Weight

If you find yourself delaying weight loss goals until January 2017, you are not alone. People often wait for the New Year to start making an effort to lose weight. In 2015, losing weight was the top New Year’s resolution of Americans according to Statistic Brain.

In general, money and career are almost always the top priority all year round. This is why most people would invest their time and resources on further education and training or sacrifice their time to take a second job in order to increase their income. Weight loss and health goals often take a backseat and it’s not surprising who wants to give up indulging in food and lounging around when these instantly relieve stress and give pleasure?

Start Taking Control of Your Weight Today (And Not In 4 Months)

But should you really wait until the New Year to start working on your weight and health? Here are a few reasons why you should start taking care of your body, your weight, and yourself today.

The holidays are a trap

If you start dieting after the holidays, you are dealing with a different body than what you have now. That body is more sluggish and more predisposed to shun exercise due to the number of parties and calories it took in during the long holiday season.

Today, you are more in tune with yourself and are in a better position to be disciplined to start exercising and eating healthy because you not in a holiday mode. Also, starting today puts you in a better position during the holidays. You won’t be attending these parties with a stressed mindset where you feel the need to overindulge as a reward for a busy year.

Instead, you will face the holidays with a solid eating plan and an exercise routine that can burn off those calories from all that rich holiday food and booze. Best of all, by the time the holiday season comes, you will have established good health habits that will make it easy for you to ward off food cravings.

Whatever you do for your health is cumulative

More than the mindset that you have in terms of losing weight, always remember that everything you do for your body accumulates. Those savory dishes and drinks that are devoid of nutrition that  are consumed today will pile up in your system and will take more than a New Year’s resolution worth of exercise to correct.

So getting started on losing weight today and eating better to nourish your body with the needed vitamins and nutrients are not just a are a pro-active way to ensure that there are more New Year’s to celebrate, but also a good quality of life for the years to come.

Every Day Is the Perfect Time to Start Anew When It Comes to Health

When it comes to your health, every day is a fresh beginning and a great time to make a positive change. There is no such thing as the right time to lose weight or the right time to get healthy. You have the choice to decide to make today the right time to take control of your weight, your health, and ultimately, your life.